The Art of James Vincent Crouch

James Crouch wants to finally open that minds eye, that window, allowing us the chance to view life’s composition as he sees it, his hope is to bring as much happiness to you as he brought to himself painting these images imagined for you, very excited for this new independent adventure, he opens up his private world for you, beyond the parks entrance.

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Operation Homecoming

Celebrating the Presidential achievements of Richard Milhous Nixon, bringing our heroic POW’s home. I want to say first that to be asked to do a painting for this momentous occasion was a very proud moment for me and my approach to this painting was to honor that moment. I wanted this painting to portray the joyous occasion this was. I want those that look upon The Hanoi Taxi flying away, as the sun sets on their imprisonment behind them to embrace that feeling, the emotions of each one of those soldiers and what it must have been like on the ground here to be a part of such an incredibly special homecoming.

New Exhibitions coming to FOUND:RE Contemporary at FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel ‘Sleeping With the Artists’

FOUND:RE Contemporary and FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel are excited to announce the opening of their new exhibition, “Sleeping With the Artists.” This exhibition cycle will present the dynamic and visually stimulating work of 48 Arizona artists and capture the beauty and talent of our local community. The exhibition, located in the hotel rooms of FOUND:RE Phoenix, has a public
opening reception June 14, 4-7pm, where artists and art lovers alike can check out the new art displayed on each of the eight floors. The featured art will be available to patrons of the hotel staying in rooms participating in the exhibition and available for purchase at until June 2025.

Congratulations to the exhibiting artists:Cheri Abel, Laura Ackerman, Regina Alexandra, Jere Alexandra, Handy Beag, Bjorn H. Bengtsson, Donna Bernstein, Margeaux Bestard, Jennifer Caldwell & Jason Chakravarty, Caryn Bopp, Karen Carnow, Tara B. Catalano, Carlos Cordova, James Crouch, Bronwyn Dierssen, Paula Driscoll, Talia Dudley, Elena Eros, Sasha Escareño,
Kathryn Gastelum, Gary Gillespie, Monica Gisel, Lela Goldstein, Adam Gonzales, Trea Christopher Grey, Chelsea Hickok, Jon Jeffery, Hank Keneally, Alison Lane, Monica Lara,
Marcellous Lovelace, Rowan Mastandrea, Megan Merchant, Jane Mishkind, John ‘MDMN’ Moody, Daniel Moore, Joey Melinda Morgan, Alberto Morris, Mariela Paeva, Marija Redzic, Tania Ritko, Aja RAE Rolland, Shannon Taggart, Annie H. Waters, Hristi Wilbur, Reid Woodward, John David Yanke.

About FOUND:RE Contemporary Gallery:FOUND:RE Contemporary is a premier commercial gallery space in the heart of downtown Phoenix. It represents both emerging and established artists through a regular series of bi-monthly exhibitions and special events that happen in
conjunction with the art programming at FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel. "FC" comprises three
galleries, an art lounge, a number of exhibition halls and auxiliary spaces which include mural walls, a sculpture yard, and much more.

Located in the Roosevelt Row Arts district, FOUND:RE Contemporary is a part of every First and Third Friday Artwalk, as well as being a destination location for art lovers throughout the greater Phoenix metro area. FOUND:RE Contemporary exhibits visual art as well as film, fashion, music,
and the entire spectrum of cultural production today. Visit to find
out more information on current exhibitions and events or connect socially on Facebook and Instagram.

About FOUND:RE Phoenix Hotel:FOUND:RE Phoenix is a 104-room hotel with details, designs, public spaces and amenities inspired by contemporary art, culture, fashion and music. The hotel enhances the city’s arts offerings with an impressive collection of contemporary art and creative
guest programming woven into the entire guest experience for visitors and locals to enjoy. The hotel has an on-site restaurant, MATCH Market & Bar and art gallery, FOUND:RE Contemporary.