About James

James Vincent CrouchJames Crouch was born with a bold artistic sensibility, developing his skill set very early  on, pushing boundaries and challenging himself daily. James began his professional career  in the mid-80’s right out of high school, landing his first big gig in the Hollywood hills,  painting iconic large scale Rock n’ Roll murals on the exterior walls and billboards up and  down the famed Sunset Strip, and for the late Bill Gazzari of Gazarri’s Hollywood A-GO GO. Grabbing the attention of all who viewed, including a few of the entertainers depicted  within those paintings. Not long after James began painting those marquees and  billboards, he started designing logo’s, designing the art for stage backdrops used in  national tours, as well as designing full color band poster art for tours. For this kid in his  early 20’s, his future was bright, he started getting contracts for work in Las Vegas and  beyond. Realizing though how vast the art world was, through his determination to work,  he took all the work he could get, he said “it wasn’t always easy, but it turned me into the  artist I am today”.  

Today James celebrates his longstanding 30plus+year career as an Imagineer for Walt  Disney Imagineering. Crouch’s extensive portfolio of projects with Disney has entrusted  him with the responsibility of creating, designing, constructing and leading art projects  globally. This kaleidoscope of work has granted him an exclusive window to see the joy his  work has brought into the hearts and minds of millions of park goers each year, from  around the world. James was quoted as saying,“the emotional evolution throughout my  career with Disney has been rewarding, beyond my imagination”and credits Disney with  further driving his imagination and creative exploration into new realms of interests,  interests without end. As humans, our life experiences collectively fine tune us and our  personalized talents every day. That same type of nurturing has made it possible for us all  to continue to experience the broad spectrum of artistry noted within Crouch Arts.  James is always finely tuning and expanding his broad scope of shared artwork,  developing a unique painting style for his collection of private art work for sale, a style he  readily describes as,“A natural progression from mastering realism into a more painterly  and expressive approach, touching on Impressionism and some abstract influences within a  realistic realm, bringing people, bringing life onto the canvas”. This new unique style has  garnered attention within the parks walls, James was entrusted to paint Fredrick Douglas  for the ‘Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln’, Disneyland attraction, bringing in his unique  painting style. James and this marvelous painting will also be included in the forthcoming  National Geographic Channel Special about the great Mr. Douglas. 

After this wonderful assignment, he was asked and charged to create the official portrait of  Mr. Walt Disney himself, a great honor put forth for the upcoming 100th Anniversary  celebrating the Walt Disney company.  

 James Crouch and Crouch Arts sole wish is to bring a similar enjoyment through his  private art collection, as he has brought yearly to the millions of Disney theme park  attraction visitors. James excitedly embarked on this independent venture opening his  private gates, to reach beyond the theme parks entrance and now is bringing it around full  circle.