Fernando Valenzuela Anguamea

Original Painting Information

Original Painting Size 32" x 46"
Acrylics and oils on canvas.

Original available through the Art of the Game gallery at Dodgers Stadium.
Prints available through the gallery as well.

Fernando Valenzuela Anguamea, Nicknamed El Toro was born on 11/01/1960 in Etchohuaquila, Mexico. Fernando spent 17 seasons pitching in the major leagues in the United States. Most of them spent with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The first rookie pitcher to win the Cy-Young award. Valenzuela's recorded 173 career wins and 153 losses, his best reportedly were played for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fernando’s greatest legacy was igniting the Latino interest in the MLB, spiking attendance to his games, and sparking TV and radio broadcasts throughout Mexico, Fernando-mania was born. As the late beloved Dodgers announcer Vin Scully put it, “Fernando-mania bordered on a religious experience". Since retiring as an MLB player in 1997, Valenzuela served as a Spanish-language color commentator for the Dodgers and for SportsNet LA. In 2015 he accepted an appointment from President Barack Obama as a Presidential Ambassador for Citizenship and Naturalization, helping break down barriers for eligible immigrants and refugees to become U.S. citizens.