The Joker

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Original Painting Information

What’s the Joke, The Joker 
Date of painting  2020
Size 43x29.5
Medium oils & acrylics on canvas

The most fun and unpredictable character in the Batman series. The Joker was such a fun villain, dastardly but hilarious at the same time. Making for such a fun character, one you love to hate and hate to love.

What a memorable, epic portrayal in TV history of really such a little known comic book villain, that was truly developed and brought to life, to the epic proportions that we remember for the small screen. In a time where an entire generation of families were completely tuned in and glued to the television, fast forward to today this character that we continue to see time and time again has moved up to a larger screen. The Joker has managed to remain generationally relevant all these years, it was a lot of fun to go back to his modest beginnings and take that trip down memory lane.

That being said, I truly can’t think of another villain over the years, that has been more memorable, can you?

When I painted the Joker I didn’t feel like one image was enough to portray him, doing him the justice he earned. I needed to add those additional character images you see here mirroring some of his most memorable impressions, showing just how diverse and strong his personas were throughout the series, a role Cesar Romero commanded in the Original 1960’s Batman, TV series.