The Haunted Organist

Original Painting Information

The Haunted Organist - Exclusive to Disney Gallery, Main Street USA
Date of original painting  2018
Size 24x36
Medium oils on canvas 

Created for the Disney gallery.

I wanted to do this painting because no one ever gets to see what the Haunted Organist really looks like, he is a Haunted Mansion fan favorite that only ever gets to be seen from behind. This is such an outstanding character, an image that I always have felt really deserved to be seen, so I just had to paint him. Conveying him in his spooky ethereal scene that we all associate with him and love from The Haunted Mansion.

The Haunted Organist, is a Disney fan favorite character that’s located in the beloved ballroom of the Haunted Mansion Disney attraction.

*This piece is not for sale.

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