Dick Dale

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Original Painting Information

Misirlou the Surf King, Dick Dale 
Date of painting  2010
Size 40x60
Medium oils on canvas

I could talk all day long about Dick, as he was a close friend of mine, such an incredible loss to me personally and of course for the music community.

Dick was a true American innovator, that I feel didn’t get the recognition he deserved. Dale’s unique guitar style, would be mimicked much like other guitar innovators of our time, Hendrix, EVH whose stylings we easily can attribute to their namesakes but when it comes to Dick Dale, so many people mimic his work, his style but don’t have the insight or background of who played it and how his unique technique was developed and has been garnered by so many guitarists we admire today.

This painting was created and presented to Dick recognizing him and his many accomplishments, signed by him on stage in front of a full audience at one of his most memorable performances. It was a wonderful moment that will remain etched in my brain always, a lovely memory that resonates with me on a personal level as well as on a professional level. Remembering the feeling that I had accomplished what I set out too, capturing him in one of his most musically historical moments of his lifetime.