The Mummy

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Original Painting Information

The Scarab God, The Mummy 
Date of painting  2019
Size 33x40
Medium oils & acrylics on canvas

This painting was my tribute to the great Boris Karloff, The Mummy was one of this actors best known and most beloved character portrayals. It was so important for me to properly translate his transition from his human physical form, emphasizing in his expression his emotions, his humanity but physically he has fully transitioned into the Mummy, experiencing the in between. Elements of his human existence prominently shown, placing his ring in the foreground I feel portrayed what is a very human aspect of his character, his special connection to this material world. Look for other small elements throughout the painting showcasing his character, grounding him to his human form, was he human or was he a monster? An important question that really resonated, that I really looked to detail and ponder in this piece.

The color palette I used here, was how I envisioned Egypt, in that time period. In my vision of how this scene could have looked, if only I could have been there to see it for myself. I wanted to pay tribute to such a fantastic vintage monster, as well as acknowledging the influence that Egyptian culture had on American pop culture throughout history and of course on me growing up. There is much to explore in this painting from his ring to his eyes that draw you in for a deeper look, to the use of authentic hieroglyphs in the background, waiting for the true Aesthete to decode!

**A 1932 American Horror film classic, the premise of the storyline, about an ancient Egyptian priest called Im-Ho-Tep who was buried alive. After nearly 4,000 years, he is brought back to life when archaeologists discover his mummified remains and read a life-giving spell from a scroll in his coffin. As the contemporary Egyptian Ardeth Bey, The Mummy embarks on a quest to reunite with his ancient love.