Invisible Man "Smokin"

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Original Painting Information

Original Painting Size 30" x 40". Acrylics and oils on canvas.

Original available. Contact for further information for pricing of original artwork.
A 1933 Science Fiction horror film based on the 1897 novel written by H.G. Wells.

The storyline is of the main character, by the name of Dr. Jack Griffin, whom as a result of a secret experiment that rendered him incapacitated, covered in bandages and his eyes shielded in dark glasses. Left to discover his situation by a mysterious stranger that entered his room one evening, where realizes he is invisible leading him into insanity and temptation of his ego, the feelings of superiority led him down a path from harmless pranks to eventual murder. This character hasn't received much notoriety but true fans of vintage film and monsters love this character and he was so much fun to create for them. It was an honor to paint him in his chair, smoking just as he would have sat, only to expose out from under the wrapped bandages the invisible hand, holding his smoke.