Original Painting Information

Tommy - Original Sold inside the Art of the Game gallery at Dodgers Stadium, prints are still available through the gallery.

The Original Tommy (SOLD)
Size 24" x 30"
Acrylics oils on canvas
No. #2 - Tommy Lasorda

Tommy a professional Baseball Pitcher, Coach and Manager born on 9/22/27 and passed this world on 1/7/21. Tommy had a long MLB career his most notable position was as the beloved manager for the LA Dodgers from 1973-1996, with whom he won two world series rings and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, in 1997. Apart from his career on the field Lasorda was almost equally as famous for his outspokenness, and colorful personality partnered with his obscenity filled rants on and off the field that turned him into a household name. Whether you enjoy the game of baseball or not, you could say he was an influencer before influencers as we know them now existed.

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